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Details of discounts of totvi.com

Purchase volumen discount

It is a quantity discount. In the marked products, buying 3,4,6 or more units, the price of the product is reduced, depending on the product.
This discount is automatically applied at time of purchase.

Celler Sabate’s products discounts

Celler Sabate offers vouchers for his products. At the time of the purchase, you will find a box to introduce the voucher. This discount is automatically applied at time of purchase.

At the moment, we have the following vouchers (This offer cannot be accumulated).
CRIANZA2012: voucher for a discount of 5% in Crianza Mas Plantadeta




Times of shipment

Times of shipment and arrival are estimates, depending on where is the place of the shipment.  Orders received Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday will not be send until Monday.

  • Europe: If we received the order before 17:00 Monday to Friday shipping time may take 72 hours about.
  • Spain Peninsula cities (Madrid, Valencia, Logroño, Pamplona…) if we received the order before 17:00 Monday to Friday shipping time is one working day
  • Spain Peninsula, other towns: if we received the order before 17:00 Monday to Friday shipping time may take 48 or 72 hours.
  • Balearic Islands:  shipping time may take 3 working days approximately

If you have any problem please contact us at 977 31 61 35

A bottle is broken on its way to my home?

If a bottle is broken during the transport, you should detect sign of wetness on the packaging or suspect that any of the bottles may have broken, do not accept delivery and contact us so that we can look into the incident.

Tot Vi will make all the necessary arrangements to recover all the items you have ordered, and resend your entire order.

What If I am not at home when the carrier arrives?

When making purchase, you should specify whether you will be at home. However, you can always call us or send an email to totvi@totvi.com, indicating where and how we can send the order, the best time to reach you, and a telephone contact, notify our company transport to such information.

What If the delivery is incomplete or does not match with what I bought?

We are human, and we may have made some mistake in preparing your order if this has happened totvi@totvi.com send an email to stating your details and we will contact you to replace the goods.

Referring to the vintages of the wines, we report that we may deliver more current vintages that we have on the website.





Payment Methods

  • By card
    You can pay for your purchases from totvi.com using your bank card (link to CaixaPenedes secure server).
    Our payment method is totally safe because the data on your card is sent in an encrypted form directly to the bank’s safe server. We do not store or have access to any bank data.
    Neither ourselves nor any other party can access such data, so your payment is as safe as it would be when you purchase at any physical shop.

  • Using PayPal system (Methodcurrently disabled)
    Recognized international payment system, with which you will need to think an account and tell your server your data card.
    In either case Tot Vi has access to your card details, as this information is encrypted between you and the server of La Caixa / PayPal.

  • By bank transfer/deposit
    if, in spite of all our safeguards, you prefer not to enter your card data, you can also pay using a bank transfer into the following account:

    Bank: La Caixa
    Cardholder: Vinateria TOT VI SCP

    Number: 2100 0393 63 0101328610
    IBAN ES9021000393630101328610

    You should indicate your name or email in the sender of the transfer so that we know who are you and not someone else who makes the transfer.

Is safe the payment method?

Yes, it is. The data of your credit card travel directly to the server encrypted bank. At no time totvi.com receive nor store in any database, your credit card or Paypal account data as all trading is done on these platforms and they simply tell us whether the payment has been made or not.
For any other queries regarding these matters, you can write to us at totvi@totvi.com





Privacidad de datos

We send regular information on new products, etc.. only those persons who have subscribed to our list, and may at any time exercise their rights of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation by e-mail at totvi@totvi.com.
The credit card data is encrypted directly to the TPV of Banc Sabadell or La Caixa, so that the mode of payment is completely safe

What use is going to be made of my data?

We only use your information to send you the order to your home and in order to be able to make all necessary arrangements. totvi.com does not give your data to third companies for advertising purposes in compliance of the Data Protection Act (LOPD).

What information will be sent to me by email and how often?

The only information we will send you is monthly news and information updates. We never send advertising of any product or service that is not sold directly by us.





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